How To Write A Better Story For Your Life : part 4

By Pastor James Lewis

    As I watch these sermons, I think of Israel, and the time of Moses. The Hebrew wanted a better story for there lives's as well. Every time they had a problem, all they had to do is look to God. They were in slavery and had to look to God for help. When they fled Egypt and came to the sea, they were trapped, again they needed to look to God. It seemed every time there were in trouble, all they needed to do was look to God.
    So when we our selves have a problem and think there is no way out, we should look to God and trust Him. Then we can start to write a better story for our lives.
    I hope these past 4 sermons have helped you in your walk with God and Jesus as it has me. Be sure to come back to see part 5, the last sermon in this series, How To Write A Better Story For Your Life.
May God bless.



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